Course Organization and Prerequisites


The course is MSc level and intended for all MSc Computer Science Specializations. In particular BioInformatics and Data Science. The course is also accessible for MSc LST, BPS, Biology, Physics, Math and Statistics & Data Science. All material for the course is in English.


The course is registered as: 4343MMAV6
See also the link to the BrightSpace course pages on this website.
Course level 500, 6 ECTS


The course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. Both are graded separately. The theoretical part is examined through 4 intermediate tests. The practical is examined through a set of assignments; these assignments are completed in a team of two participants and this team will be registered in BrightSpace for the submission of the reports. The (sub)grades for both parts must be higher than 5.5; the final grade is the average (0.5+0.5) of both (sub)grades.