Composition of the Staff for the Image Analysis 2023 course

Fons J. Verbeek [071 - 527 5773]

The course is lectured by Prof Dr Ir Fons J Verbeek; this is the course administration.
Questions on the general structure and written tests should be directed to the course administration. Unless indicated otherwise.

Shima Javanmardi [071 - 527 2727]
Jingmin Long [071 - 527 2727]

Mick Voogt

Assistance in the practical part will be given by Shima Javanmardi, Jingmin Long and Mick Voogt. The assistants are available for questions on the designated practical lectures, practical schedules or via appointment.


Gerda Lamers [071 - 527 4986]
Dani Zhu

The microscopy will be assisted by G. Lamers (head microscopy unit,IBL).