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Manuals & Tutorials 2023/ Installation Manuals 2023

Documents for practical part
The SCIL-image manual
The SCIL-image reference manual
The DIP-image reference manual
Using the Matlab/DIPLib environment remote
Installing Matlab/DIPLib environment local installation
Installing Python/DIPLib environment local installation with MacOS or Ubuntu
The Huygens Remote
Manager Tutorial
Huygens Essential
Reference Manual
Link to Vaa3D for
download Install version (all OS available)
Instructions for compiled
local install of Vaa3D from the source code

Additional Papers 2023 Course

The papers listed in the table below provide good additional reading for subjects addresses in the lectures. These papers are meant for side reading so as to increase background knowledge

Paper subject (title)
3,4 Book Chapter Sampling
7,8 MW Davidson & M. Abramowitz Optical Microscopy
14 NN Fret Imaging, short introduction
14 A. Jain et al. Review paper data clustering

To be edited for the 2023 course.

Microscopy Facilities at Sylvius Laboratory.

The microscope facilities in the Sylvius Laboratory, also referred to as the Microscopy Unit will be used to gain experience on image acquisition. At the Sylvius we are hosted by Gerda Lamers (head microscopy, IBL) and she be involved in giving practical guidance with the microscopes. Images are acquired with the confocal microscopes of which there are two available. For each team a time slot will be reserved to acquire your own set of images. Please use the time slot allotted to you and be on time. For your convenience find a map of the location of the Sylvius Laboratory on the Leiden university Campus. Wait at the main entrance where we will pick you up to go to the microscope facilities in the building.
If you have questions, or are unexpectedly prevented at the indicated time, contact the course administration.

The address:
Sylvius Laboratory,
Sylviusweg 72
2333 AL Leiden
Phone: +31 71 527 4700 / 5000

Sample Exams from previous years

Exam Part 1
Exam Part 2

The material to study for the for tests (2023) is given in this [FILE].